Home, Sweet Spotify Playlist

As we look forward to our November show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, we've put together a playlist of some of our favorite songs from artists who call or have called this great city home, too. Click here to listen to the "Home, Sweet Spotify" playlist, and then go here to pick up your tickets to join us for a great celebration on 11/3.

The Kickback - "Sting’s Teachers Years"

These guys have tremendous energy, and this song should be played at a very loud volume.

On and On - "The Hunter", "Every Song" and "Ghosts"

This band used to be called Scattered Trees, and they used to all live in Chicago. While I believe that only one member still calls Chicago home, I love what they’re doing. 

Joe Pug - "Speak Plainly Diana" and "Hymn #101"

Joe doesn’t live in Chicago any more, but he did when he released the stunning Nation of Heat EP. Plenty of magazines have tossed around the “next Bob Dylan” label with too many songwriters. In Joe’s case, however, that comparison is well-deserved. 

Archie Powell & The Exports - "Crazy Pills"

These guys are fellow Outlaw Roadshow alums, and you should get to know them. I’ve never seen them live, but this song makes me want to do just that.

Chance the Rapper - "Family (Blended Babies Remix)", "The Wonder Years" and "Long Night"

This playlist isn’t going to be able to fully introduce you to why you should be listening to Chance the Rapper - because his mix tapes aren’t on Spotify. You should go here to download his buzzed-about mixtape Acid Rap. As I type this, I wish that our band was cool enough to release mixtapes. We are most certainly not.

Wilco - "Heavy Metal Drummer", "California Stars", "A Shot in the Arm" and "She’s A Jar"

There’s a good reason to look up to this band: they’re geniuses. 

Smith Westerns - "All Die Young" and "Weekend"

I think this band is now old enough to legally drink, but I'm not sure. 

R Kelly - "Bump ‘N Grind" and "Step In the Name of Love"

Listen, I know this guy has been surrounded in controversy, but Bump ‘N Grind is the jam of the century. I owned a cassette tape called “Big Phat Ones of Hip Hop: Volume 1” (this is not a joke), and this song closed out side B.

Fort Frances - "Habits", "Habits (JayRy Remix)", "Plastic Hearts" and "City by the Sea"

Maybe you've heard of these guys. 

Kanye West - "On Sight", "Heartless" and "Good Life"

Have you seen this interview with Zane Lowe? If not, it’s well worth your time. All four segments that include ramblings about water bottles and jogging pants. 

Mavis Staples - "You Are Not Alone"

Produced by Jeff Tweedy. Sung with all kinds of soul. I love this woman.

Smashing Pumpkins - "1979", "Disarm" and "Mayonaise"

I hope our band covers 1979. It’s on our list to learn. But that’s also a long list.

Ezra Furman - "My Zero" and "American Soil"

I don’t believe Ezra is currently living in Chicago, but that doesn’t matter. He has lived here before, and his new record is well worth your ears.