Our Chicago Show Will Be More Than a Concert

It will also be a chance to help a cause we feel really strongly about.

It’s no secret that we have a serious problem with violence in Chicago. There are plenty of days when everyone here wakes up to headlines of a rising crime rate, of neighborhoods torn apart, of children caught in the crossfire of shootings the night before.

Unfortunately, it seems easy to look at those headlines and wonder how you can do anything to prevent the same kind of horrific violence from happening again. As we get ready for a show at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall next Sunday, 11/3, we’re joining with an  organization called CureViolence to prove that we can actually do something to address what’s going on in our hometown.

The people at CureViolence are doing some incredible work. It’s not about sending more police cars and hoping that traditional solutions will be able to make a difference. It’s a new approach to conflict resolution and mediation, and you can learn all about it with this documentary. (It’s about two hours and well worth the time). Like any not-for-profit organization, they need help with funding, so we’re donating $1 from each ticket to CureViolence. 

Click here to get your tickets. You’ll make an impact in the city and be part of a show that we have been looking forward to for a very, very long time!