Indiana, Indiana, Indiana, We're All For You

We're playing Indianapolis on Saturday, and we hold a deep love in our hearts for the entire state (Aaron and I were both conceived, born and raised in the Crossroads of America). In its honor, we've started a Spotify playlist with a very long name. Click here to celebrate the Hoosier state, and then go right here to get your tickets for this weekend's show. 

-- david

Gentleman Caller - My pal Ryan Newman introduced me to this band many years ago, and I love pretty much every second of Gentleman Caller Vs. The Elephant. Start with “The Locusts” and “Dead Language.”

Jackson 5 - Ever heard of them? Didn’t think so. I wanted to be Michael Jackson when I was in second grade. And third grade. And fourth grade. My parents have a VHS tape floating around somewhere of me  dancing to “Black or White” in an elementary school talent show. 

Murder By Death - One of Bloomington’s finest. We played with this band at a festival in a state park somewhere in Indiana years ago, and I’ve been listening to them ever since.

Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos - Part of this band lives in Chicago now, but they maintain some strong Indiana roots. If you happen to be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Indy this year, you can see them at the Old National Centre.

Husband&Wife - I happened upon this band from Bloomington thanks to our friends at Daytrotter. I think Sean Moeller may be responsible for 80 percent of what I listen to today.

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band - Bean Blossom, Indiana hosts one of the country’s best bluegrass festivals each year. This band also calls the tucked-away town home. This video is pretty delightful.

Bonesetters - Indy’s man on the musical scene Brett McGrath sent Bonesetters along, and I was hooked on my first listen.