We're Giving You Free CDs for Underneath Your Trees

The joyous holiday season has officially started. As people beat each other up in retail outlets around the country, we would like to help you check a few items off your shopping list without having to go anywhere, fight any other consumers or even spend any money. 

Consider this a token of our appreciation for coming to shows, buying our music and helping us continue to do what we love. We’d like to send you a few physical copies of our spring EP, Harbour, to give to your friends or family who you think would enjoy our sensitive rock.

It’s called the “We’re Giving You Free CDs for Underneath Your Trees” program, and here’s how it works.

1) RIght now, you should stare at your computer or your phone and think about who among the people on your shopping list would enjoy our three beards and more importantly, the music we play.

2) Once you have those names, you send us a note at thefortfrances@gmail.com with the following info: how many discs you’d like and your mailing address (you’ll need to give these to your friends). Please note that we can only send these within the continental United States.

3) We’ll send you a package that has some kind of hilarious holiday sticker on it. You’ll smile when you receive it and think, “Jeez, those guys in Fort Frances are pretty hilarious.”

4) You give each of the discs to your friends, and voila! You’ve made someone’s holiday a bit happier and hopefully a bit louder while helping spread our music to new corners of the country.

We have a limited number of discs we’ll be able to send, so please send us a note by Saturday if you’re down for the cause. We’ll get them in the mail immediately so you have them in time for the holidays. 

Thanks for all your support this year. We’ll see you in 2014!