A year later...

It’s taken about a year to write this post.

Well, it’s taken about a year to have a reason to write
this post. When we started recording the five songs
that make up Harbour at the beginning of 2012,
none of us really expected it to take this long to
finish an EP. A lot can change in a year, though,
and that’s certainly been the case with our band.
Some of our families have grown. Some of us
have moved. And regardless of what life puts in the
way, writing, arranging and recording songs always
means more time, more frustrations and more
uncertainties than you expect.

There’s a common misconception that it’s “easy”
to release records today. Some might say that
recording music is something that anyone with a
laptop, a keyboard and some software can do.
It’s hard to argue with that. However, writing
music hasn’t changed. It still requires heart, and
we hope that heart shines through when you
listen to this new collection of songs. 

Thank you all for your ears and for your continued
support. We wouldn’t be a band without you.



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