Announcing Fort Fresh

We have bad news and good news today, folks. Bad news: we’re winding down this whole Fort Frances project. I know it’s weird timing since we’re about to put out a new record, but after so many years of writing sensitive rock songs, we’ve started to worry that we have too many feelings. This was a tough decision, and we all cried about it a lot. But the music business is tough; there’s only so much room for bands that don’t know how to play iPads on stage. So we feel like this is the right move.

Good news, though: we’re starting a new band! It’s called Fort Fresh. As the name implies, it’s super fresh. From here forward, we’ll only be recording cover songs of hip hop artists from the 1990s. This seemed like an obvious move, too. Between Jeff’s upbringing in suburban Kansas City, David’s early days playing the classical cello and Aaron’s days working at a golf course in northeastern Indiana, we know we are oozing with serious street cred. 

So, we proudly present Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day”, the debut from our new record “Hey, Yo.” Go HERE to listen. Enjoy, and we hope you’re ready to hear our fresh new jams whenever find yourself in da club this summer.  

JP Smooth
ARON (Aaron is actually Akon’s cousin)

PS. You can still pre-order a copy of the Fort Frances “Alio” record on vinyl. And you probably should because it will basically be a collector’s edition once Fort Fresh starts appearing on Yo! MTV Raps” and headlining festivals around the world.